Cashey's Honey


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Cashey’s Honey


  • Strain Type: 70% Sativa 30% Indica
  • Effects: Motivation, Uplifting
  • Medical: ADD/ADHD, Depression, Fatigue, Stress
  • Flavors: Honey, Lemon, Pine, Sweet
  • Aromas:Citrus, Earthy, Pine, Sweet
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Cashey’s Honey is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the potent DulcaCanna X AK-47 strains. This bud gets its name from the famous cannabis patient Cash Michael Hyde, who advocated for the use of cannabis in medical treatments, especially those with a high CBD content. And Cashey’s Honey does not disappoint – this bud brings an insanely powerful 18-19% average CBD level with a minimal 8-10% THC level and a myriad of painkilling effects that are perfect for treating almost any condition. The Cashey’s Honey high starts with a clear-headed uplifted effect that boosts your mood and infuses you with a light sense of energy that gently pulses through your body, eradicating any aches and pains instantly. You’ll feel focused and motivated in this clarified state while feeling relaxed in both mind and body with an overarching sense of calm. With these effects and its crazy CBD level, Cashey’s Honey is great for treating many medical conditions, especially inattentiveness, fatigue, migraines or headaches, and chronic stress or depression. Cashey’s Honey has a sweet citrus flavor with hints of earthy and pine and a super tangy aftertaste. The aroma is very strong, with a Pine-Sol like smell accented by touches of spicy earth as the nugs are burned. Cashey’s Honey buds have lumpy leafy neon green nugs with lots of orange hairs and a coating of oversized chunky amber crystal trichomes.

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